Regional Natural Environment System

On Thursday May 20th, Regional Council met to decide which variation of its Natural Heritage System Niagara will have in its years to come. Alongside our Water Resource System, the Natural Heritage System (NHS) constitutes our region’s Natural Environment System, a portion of the Niagara Official Plan which is to be followed for 30 years.Continue reading “Regional Natural Environment System”

No roadway through former Fairview GC a Big Win for Environmental Action

A proposed roadway through the former Fairview Golf Course property has been removed the City of St. Catharines Transportation Master Plan and the St. Catharines Environmental Alliance played a significant role in that process. SEA members Della Trojan, Charlotte Chan and Mike Anderson engaged City Council on the environmental impact the roadway would have onContinue reading “No roadway through former Fairview GC a Big Win for Environmental Action”