St. Catharines Environmental Alliance

The St. Catharines Environmental Alliance (SEA) envisions a vibrant, diverse and resilient ecosystem in St. Catharines, and the broader Niagara Region. We believe that healthy ecosystems provide the best habitat for human flourishing, and in the equal right of every citizen to have access to clean air, water, and land. We believe in the intrinsic value of all living things, and in the power of community to create this vision, through robust action to support local food production, sustainable transportation, carbon neutrality, energy independence, habitat protection and rehabilitation, ecological justice, water protection and conservation and other solutions, both innovative and simple. We aim to work with community members, other like-minded organizations, and all levels of government to achieve this vision. Our work is to engage, educate, collaborate and advocate.

Eco Parks Delight and Defend

How is an “Eco-park” different from a regular park? They are urban refuges where humans can connect to Nature, take a deep breath, and enjoy all the physical and mental health benefits of shinrin yoku, or forest bathing. But they are so much more, providing important habitats for countless birds, insects, amphibians and mammals, and increasing climate resiliency by absorbing carbon, providing shade and cooling, and numerous hydrological benefits. Plus, they are beautiful! Eco parks feature many native plant species, have lots of trees, and minimal turf. They highlight natural features of the landscape, and are built and maintained sustainably. They keep paving to a minimum, to allow water to flow naturally underground, rainwater to be absorbed, and to keep habitats connected. Eco-parks present excellent opportunities for young children and adults alike to encounter and connect with non-human persons they might not otherwise get to know, by including features such as ponds, wildflower meadows, and other habitats for seldom seen species such as salamanders, praying mantises and owls. Eco-parks are also the perfect location for Nature-based education, and make great sites for Forest Schools. Every city needs more Eco-parks!

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