Our Team

Executive Council

St. Catharines Environmental Alliance

Board of Directors

Mike Anderson                   Chair

Della Trojan                         Vice Chair

Len Bates                              Treasurer

Randi Evans                         Secretary

Charlotte Chan                    Director

Daya Lye                               Director

Mauro Becchetti                 Director

Dawoud Najmudin            Director

We’re Incorporated!

We are pleased to announce that the St. Catharines Environmental Alliance (SEA) is now incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Province of Ontario.

By incorporating and adopting by-laws, we have officially defined our organization, our goals and our processes. Our Directors and Officers are in place, and we will begin to accept new members in the near future. Incorporation will afford us access to financial resources, allowing us to engage in more and broader-reaching activities resulting in a greater positive impact on the environment.